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About us
About us

Our vision

Every hour you spend with us should provide you with maximum performance acceleration. This is why we offer only specialised courses run by experts, where the experience is always immediately relevant and of the highest quality. It is also why our logo depicts a frigatebird, one of the world's fastest animals, and the bird with the lowest body weight by comparison with its wing area. This ratio, known as wing loading, enables frigatebirds to fly for months over tens of thousands of miles, feeding and sleeping on the wing. Inspired by these incredible creatures, Celerated is dedicated to helping you and your organisation soar fast and far above the competition.

Our values

Every course we offer is crafted to deliver our BETTER educational values:

Balanced: Certain other courses push one product, or one approach. But as they say, if all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. Our courses will give you a complete toolkit so you can see each challenge for what it is, and be able to respond appropriately.

Expert: Some courses are led by experienced professionals who cannot teach. Others use decent teachers who are out of touch with the discipline. Celerated instructors are not only recognised experts in the field; they have also been exclusively selected for their distinguished teaching record.

Tenacious: Have you ever felt good about a course, only to notice months later that it has not changed the way you think and work? At Celerated, we place a strong emphasis on learning that lasts, and we make sure that you have continued opportunities for guidance from your instructors and peers.

Transferable: In a team environment, taking a course is ineffectual unless it enables you to empower your colleagues through what you have learned. We will provide you with skills and resources so that you can spread your knowledge to fellow team members at your firm.

Engaged: Training courses can feel like you are back at school listening to the teacher. At Celerated, you will participate actively in absorbing tasks through group work and open forum discussions. Our teaching model is varied and extremely interactive, and always keeps you thinking.

Relevant: Knowledge that remains abstract is useless. Our course content is highly applied, involving regular demonstration of its value in relevant real-world scenarios. We achieve this partly by contacting you beforehand to ask for practical challenges from your work with which you want the course to help.

Our facilitators

The instructors on each Celerated course are selected for their outstanding domain knowledge and teaching skills. Behind the scenes, each course is meticulously arranged, planned and managed by our two co-founders, Greg Fried and Jimmy Winfield.

Greg is a senior lecturer at UCT, where he convenes the undergraduate PPE Humanities programme. His courses range from three people to six hundred, and participants include new students and cutting-edge researchers, leaders of a major SA political party and corporate professionals. Greg enjoys integrating different areas: his research examines collective decision making via microeconomics, politics and philosophy. He was a Commonwealth Scholar at Cambridge University, where he received a doctorate in the History and Philosophy of Science. Greg values workplace collaboration, and practices this at home too: he writes novels and other fiction with his spouse. Their writing has appeared in a number of anthologies, they have been long-listed for the Sunday Times Fiction Prize, and they recently received a National Arts Festival literary award.

Jimmy is an associate professor at UCT. His more than 15 years of teaching and training experience began humbly with him teaching maths to seventh graders in California. Since then he has taught more than 15 000 people across a wide array of disciplines, in undergraduate and postgraduate lecture halls, small-group classrooms, corporate workshops and commercial seminars. He has received South Africa's most prestigious award for university teaching, the CHE-HELTASA National Teaching Excellence Award, as well as UCT's Distinguished Teacher Award and nine Teacher-of-the-Year awards for programmes at UCT's Graduate School of Business. He regularly presents about teaching at conferences, and has written about education for professional and academic journals. Jimmy was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, and chose to leave a promising international career in management consulting in order to follow his passion for teaching, and to make what difference he can to South Africa's young professionals.

We are a level 4 B-BBEE contributor, with 100% procurement recognition.

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