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Customised in-house courses
Customised in-house courses

If you haven't already, take a look at our values. They are not just marketing spin: we spend a lot of time thinking very seriously about how to achieve each of them. When striving to deliver learning that is tenacious, transferable and relevant, we find that often the best way is an in-house course meticulously designed to meet the precise training needs of the firm.

We work closely with our clients' management to work out the optimal curriculum and learning objectives. After signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we begin a thorough, collaborative analysis to ensure that we understand every salient aspect of the firm, and speak directly with each delegate before they attend the course. During the course, we will occasionally co-facilitate a session with the firm's own experts so delegates can link what they are learning directly to their own unique systems and processes.

For example, at a large asset manager we recently gave a three-day course in financial terms, concepts and processes to a select group of IT professionals who needed to better understand the business's context, operations, and products. We developed the course in consultation with six members of their IT management team over a period of several weeks, and arranged for one of the managers to co-facilitate the session that dealt most directly with their internal practices. The feedback from delegates was outstanding, with top scores on the evaluation, and comments like "The course covered everything I needed to know & was extremely informative", "Uber-qualified panel and instructor" and "I wouldn't change anything".

If this approach to training sounds like it might work for your business, please contact us at the address below. We would love to start a conversation with you.

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